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This is it… Happy Birthday to Gruesome Records! One year has passed since this journey kicked off and because work never stops, this is how we celebrate. As promised, the first 2022 release announcement and a whole WEEK of discounts and giveaways.

We’ll release the CD reissue of the long sold out 2005 debut album “Thrash Killing Machine” by Portuguese thrashers Pitch Black, in a very special 17th anniversary LIMITED first press edition. 200 hand numbered digipak copies will be available and this one will come with 2 bonus tracks and a fold out poster. RELEASE DATE: March 18th, 2022.

Also, we’ll have a new t-shirt available, restock from the original one and tote bags will be back in stock too (delivery starts on June 30). There’s a whole week of 15% discount on EVERY item too, plus a free Colosso CD and a Gruesome Records metal badge on EVERY placed order. You can use the discount code (find it on the flyer) at our official Bandcamp store or simply message/e-mail us with your order.

And that’s it! An enormous THANK YOU to every band that has been working with us all this time and to every one of our friends and customers for the never ending support. NOTHING we do would ever be possible without Music, without the talent of these amazing bands and without YOU!


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