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A few days ago we put up a simple poll to know if you could guess how many new Gruesome Records releases we would be announcing for 2022. Anyone who wrote the correct answer in the comments box would win a prize but unfortunately no one guessed.

This is just to let everyone know that during the upcoming weeks, we will announce 4 new releases for 2022 and that is how we will wrap the current year. We’ve been working very hard on this during the past few months so keep your eyes open because the first one will come out next MONDAY, June 20th.


Deep from the bowels of Ganzo hills in Spain, where sunlight does not penetrate and the nauseating smell of sweat and beer mixes with the local industrial reek, comes a truly vicious killing machine named Sekta!

Think of Entombed, Ratos de Porão and Ministry in a pure slamming mix of Crossover Death/Crust, Punk and Thrash Metal and still you won’t realize what hit you!

After the release of Voltaje Cadáver, we joined efforts once again with the mighty Underground forces of Conspiración de Iguales, Muerte Matar Records and Hombre Montaña in another DIY release that will come out soon!

Song premiere, release date and cover art to be revealed soon! Stay tuned!


We are very proud to announce the upcoming EP “City of Chemistry”, the second studio release by Italian doomsters S.I.D. due to be out in 12” vinyl in a co-release between Gruesome Records, Still Fuckin’ Angry and V.A.N.G.A. Record.

This is pure Doom and Sludge in the vein of Shape Of Despair, influenced by bands that go from Godflesh to Neurosis.

Also, we will take this chance to wish a Happy fucking Birthday to the mighty drummer of S.I.D., Pikkio! Doom on, bro!!!

Cover art, release date, song premiere and official video to be out soon. Stay tuned!