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Founded June the 1st, 2020, Gruesome Records is an independent Underground label created by fans to fans. A DIY project, based in Portugal with the main goal to release a wide variety of sub-genres within the Metal scene. Passion and dedication is what drive us so we are always looking out for new, old and promising music which we think it can fit in the label’s vision and profile.

Hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy doing it, so drop by often and subscribe our mailing list to receive every update on our official web domain.

BANDS: If you think you got what it takes, let us know through our Contact form on the main menu (or write us an email) and send us some links. There’s no need in sending your physical releases, we’re not looking for free stuff here, just drop us some links where we can get to know how you sound like and wait for our reply. In case you really, really want to submit your music like in the good old days, let us know and we’ll give you our address. We don’t work with each and every sub-genre in the Metal world but we definitely have our own focus on some of them, for sure. Either way, when submitting your music, please BE PATIENT. We’ll reply EVERY TIME but give us some time. We appreciate it.

PRESS MEDIA: For all info and multimedia supports, please refer to the Press menu. We appreciate your full support and we’ll provide you with every thing you need.

CUSTOMERS: Feel free to browse all over our web site and visit our official Bandcamp store. Look at our available catalogue of releases and merchandise. You can also order via email or use any of our social media Contacts.

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