Vinyl test pressings for the upcoming S.I.D. release have arrived and this one sounds amazing!! Get ready for some heavy as fuck, groovy, dark and apocalyptic DOOM!

Release date, first track premiere and pre-orders for “City of Chemistry” 12” vinyl EP very soon. Stay tuned!


We proudly announce today that Lord Of Confusion has joined Gruesome Records for the release of their upcoming 2022 debut album “Evil Mystery”. Release date, cover art and first track soon…

“Evil Mystery” is the band’s first full length showcasing great song writing skills which brings their music into a whole new level of darkness and intensity. Psychedelic Rock infused Doom Metal for fans of Pentagram, Sleep, Saint Vitus, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Black Widow.


A few days ago we put up a simple poll to know if you could guess how many new Gruesome Records releases we would be announcing for 2022. Anyone who wrote the correct answer in the comments box would win a prize but unfortunately no one guessed.

This is just to let everyone know that during the upcoming weeks, we will announce 4 new releases for 2022 and that is how we will wrap the current year. We’ve been working very hard on this during the past few months so keep your eyes open because the first one will come out next MONDAY, June 20th.

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