The new Desalmado record “Mass Mental Devolution” drops tomorrow! As a last minute offer, those who pre-ordered any of Gruesome Records versions (CD or tape) will also get one of these pro printed 20x15cm band photos! This means that there’s one day left for pre-orders to end, so if you want to grab one of these and still take advantage of the lower sell price, now’s your chance!

Visit our official Bandcamp page now!

“Mass Mental Devolution” will be available through Xaninho Discos and Sana Maior Records (Brazil and Latin America), Gruesome Records (Europe) and Blood Blast (digital on all main platforms).

Full audio stream will be available TOMORROW on all digital platforms via Blood Blast. An aggressive, heavy and intense discharge of Metal is coming your way!


Pre-orders for “Skin ’em Alive”, the debut album by old school Death Metal desecrators Ruttenskalle, are officially opened and you can now order it through the label’s Bandcamp page. If you want to get a copy at a lower price, now is the time! This special price is valid only until the day before the release.

Also, official release date is set for Halloween 2021. “Skin ’em Alive” will be available in jewel case CD format, with a fold out booklet.

For those who still haven’t listened to the first premiered track “Buried”, can check the official lyric video on the YouTube player below.

01. Feast of the Dying Sluts
02. Carnage in the Fog
03. Rotten God
04. Dead Man
05. Buried
06. Time to Kill
07. Fucked with My Knife
08. Anal Ride
09. Cadaver Meal
10. Brainless Whore


Next Monday, track premiere of “Buried” will be available. The song is taken from the upcoming debut album “Skin ’em Alive” by Ruttenskalle.

Old school Death Metal in the vein of God Macabre, Dismember, Carnage and early Entombed.

This will be an exclusive LOUD! Magazine premiere. Be sure to hit the notification bell in the video so you don’t miss this it.


It’s with great pleasure that we reveal the sick and gory cover art for the debut album by Portuguese old school Death Metal outfit Ruttenskalle.

This cover artwork and additional drawings (which can be found on the CD layout) were created by Daniel Cabrera (Dan’s Putrid Art).

“Skin ’em Alive” is a relentless, straight forward Death Metal assault and a total Swedish sound worshiping for fans of Carnage, God Macabre, Dismember and early Entombed.

Pre-orders, track premiere and release date to be announced soon.


It’s time to reveal one more Gruesome Records release. Ruttenskalle arises deep from the entrails of the Portuguese underground scene to unleash a rotting, filthy, violent and straight forward piece of old school Death Metal played in the Swedish style. “Skin ’em Alive” is the debut album by this solo outfit led by Paulo M. Soares and will surely please to fans of Carnage, God Macabre, Dismember and Entombed.

To sum things up, expect some in-your-face true Metal of death filled with hooks, gory lyrics and demonic vocal enchantments that will haunt your deepest nightmares!

Cover art, song premiere, track list, pre-orders and release date to announce soon!


It’s time to unleash the heavy musical beast that is “blackhearted”, the third full length by Portuguese Sludge Metal masters Redemptus. This one’s already starting to make a strong and positive impact in the worldwide underground scene and this is only the beginning. If you haven’t yet fully experienced “blackhearted”, you should definitely dive deep into their world of heavyness, full of emotions, blood and sweat.

The new album is already available on Spotify and Bandcamp, so go now and blast your speakers while you don’t get your hands on a physical copy.

This is a Raging Planet, Gruesome Records, Regulator Records and Ring Leader release.

Thanks to Redemptus and all labels involved for having us side by side on this one.

There are still a few copies available at Gruesome Records (CD and vinyl only), so visit our official Bandcamp page and get yours now!


Only two days left for the release of “blackhearted”, the brand new album by Portuguese Sludge Metal masters Redemptus, available on digipak CD, double gatefold vinyl and cassette!

Stock is ready to ship and pre-orders will be dispatched this week. Full album stream will be available soon, so everything is set!

Also, the band will make the official live debut of “blackhearted” next Wednesday in Porto, at Hard Club side by side with Verbian. Certainly something not to miss!


“Across the land” is the brand new video/track premiere by cult Brazilian Death Grinders Desalmado.

Check out the new song taken from “Mass Mental Devolution”, the new album, scheduled to be released on October 8, 2021 on Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records (Brazil and Latin America), Gruesome Records (Europe) and Blood Blast Distribution (worldwide digital distribution).

Check it now, spread the word and SUPPORT Underground!