This is it, as promised, the fourth and last 2022 release to be announced is the amazing debut album by the 3 piece British band Deathfiend!

John Pickering (founding member of the legendary Doom, Sore Throat, Cain and others) delivers both vocals and guitars, Rick Farn is on bass and Andrea Pisu on the drums. Karl Willetts (Memoriam, Bolt Thrower) is the special guest on one of the featured tracks.

Picture Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Motörhead jamming out with Asphyx,
Benediction, Unleashed and Hail Of Bullets! Yeah, that’s it!

“Beyond Life” is their invitation card and it was released in digital format back in June, so your can have a listen to it on all major streaming platforms.


From this day forward, you can pre-order the new release from Italian doomsters S.I.D. at a special price (on Bandcamp only).

Visit our official Bandcamp store and save a copy of “City of Chemistry” (12” vinyl EP) at a lower price! This is some hypnotic and apocalyptic Doom Metal in the vein of Shape Of Despair, influenced by Godflesh. Listen to the first advance track in the YouTube link below.


From Turkey comes a relentless and violent bloodshed named Inhuman Depravity. This is the third of four new release announcements we’ve promised you a few weeks ago.

Expect no less than pure old school Technical Brutal Death Metal in the form of “The Experimendead”, their second album, to be out in jewel case CD. First track premiere, cover art, release date and pre-orders soon! Stay tuned!


Yesterday Invisible Oranges debuted the first track off the new S.I.D. release and wrote that «The Italian doom band blends death and sludge into a dangerous compound on their new EP “City of Chemistry.”» Read it all HERE.

“City of Chemistry will be available next October 14th in 12” vinyl EP and you can now stream the song “Mustard Gas” in the link below.


The worldwide premiere of the first track off the new S.I.D. release “City of Chemistry” will happen tomorrow, exclusively on Invisible Oranges.

Titled “Mustard Gas” this first song will be available for listening from tomorrow on and it will introduce everyone to the melancholic, heavy, apocalyptic and dark world of S.I.D.

And this will only the beginning…


Portuguese old school Death Metal quintet Hunted Scriptum is proudly the new Gruesome Records release announced for 2022, side by side with Nox Liberatio Records.

“Paracusia” is the band’s debut album, due to be out in CD format and you can surely expect some vicious and groovy Metal of Death done the old school way! First official video, release date and cover art to be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

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