We proudly reveal the amazing cover art for the upcoming new album “Downfall of a God Complex” by Indonesian Grindcore brigade Extreme Decay.

This one is scheduled to be out on Selfmadegod Records (CD) and on Grieve Records (tape).

Vinyl version will be available through Gruesome Records, 17 Records, 9 Lies, Bucho Discos, Vinyl Solution, Hecatombe Records, Noise To Help Records, Pasidaryk Pats Records, Psychocontrol Records and Sacrilégio Records.

More news soon!


It’s time to reveal the cover art for the upcoming new release by Italian doomsters S.I.D., scheduled to be released this year on SFA Records, Gruesome Records and Vanga Record.

“City of Chemistry” EP is an absolute display of crushing, heavy as fuck and apocalyptic Doom and will be available in 12” vinyl.

Stay tuned for the first song premiere, release date and pre-orders! DOOM ON!!!


Today, “Thrash Killing Machine”, the 2005 debut album from Portuguese thrashers Pitch Black is officially out! Also today, the band celebrates the 17th anniversary release of this long time sold out and highly acclaimed full length and we are very proud to present its first CD reissue ever.

The first press is strictly LIMITED to 200 hand numbered copies in digipak format and it comes with a fold out poster, including (for the first time) all lyrics. As an extra, you still get two additional bonus tracks.

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered a copy and keep supporting bands, musicians, labels and physical releases.


CD reissue of Pitch Black‘s debut album “Thrash Killing Machine” drops next Friday and it’s already Gruesome Records best selling pre-order.

Hurry up if you’d still like to grab a copy. 17th anniversary first press is strictly LIMITED to 200 hand numbered digipak CDs. Visit our official Bandcamp page to order.


We are very proud to announce the upcoming EP “City of Chemistry”, the second studio release by Italian doomsters S.I.D. due to be out in 12” vinyl in a co-release between Gruesome Records, Still Fuckin’ Angry and V.A.N.G.A. Record.

This is pure Doom and Sludge in the vein of Shape Of Despair, influenced by bands that go from Godflesh to Neurosis.

Also, we will take this chance to wish a Happy fucking Birthday to the mighty drummer of S.I.D., Pikkio! Doom on, bro!!!

Cover art, release date, song premiere and official video to be out soon. Stay tuned!

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