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Sota Terra and Tempestat 12” vinyl split is already in stock and ready to ship! If you’re in the mood for some furious Grind/Crust/Death/Punk you should check this release out!

This was a 100% DIY job between several Underground labels which we’re very proud of being on board.

Visit our Bandcamp page to order your copy and listen to this sonic assault!!


Well, we guess we have some bad news for you. Since we first started working on this label, and in 24 releases so far, we have never failed a day one. Fortunately, we never had a physical release delayed past the official date and everyone who bought a copy from us got it around the announced release date or, in many cases, even the day before.

Now, we’re facing the first delay and, of course, we’re talking about a vinyl here. “City of Chemistry”, the 12” vinyl EP from Italian band S.I.D., has suffered a delay and we’re still not sure when we will get it.

All files were sent on January 21st, 2022 and confirmation/approval for the vinyl production was given a few weeks later on February 11th. So, from this point on and according to the estimate timings given, we talked to the band and decided to choose an official release date past the production’s turnaround times, which was first set to July 29th. But, since we only got the test pressings on June 21st and we are all aware of the major vinyl manufacturing delays the worldwide music industry is currently facing, ourselves along with the band have decided at some point to set the release date even further, in this case to October. That’s when we publicly announced October 14th as the official release date for “City of Chemistry”. This was made this way to make sure there would be no chance of a delay whatsoever, given the time we thought it would be enough to avoid any. So, we kept working on the promotion of their new EP and the band started booking a European tour to promote the new release and to sell it at their shows.

Now, as we speak, we still don’t have a confirmation and not a single estimate time for the stock to be delivered is given by the pressing plant. We now know as much as anyone else. Pre-orders can’t be shipped at the moment because, obviously, stock didn’t arrive yet and S.I.D. have started the first leg of the scheduled tour without any stock to sell at the official presentation shows.

As many of you may already be aware of, this is the current state the vinyl music industry is nowadays. So, to sum things up, even with so many months between February and October, we still weren’t able to deliver this release on time. Despite all our efforts and the chosen release date being so far away from the turnaround times given, it still didn’t arrive on time.

Maybe we get the stock within a week, two weeks or maybe in one or two months but at this point we really don’t know. Of course, we’ll be updating everyone on this situation, and we will keep pushing the pressing plant, in order to ensure you get your copies as soon as possible.

We’re really, really sorry for this inconvenient but there’s one thing we are indeed aware of, which is plain and simple: FUCK THE VINYL TREND! FUCK ALL MUSIC TRENDS!


The song crawls with power and heft, transcending several slow ‘n’ low subgenres to emerge as crusty funeral sludge” – Decibel Magazine

Time to unleash the brand new official video from hypnotic Doom masters S.I.D. and the second track taken from their upcoming release. “City of Chemistry” is now available to watch on YouTube and streaming on our Bandcamp page. Pre-orders are currently open so grab your copy of this 12” vinyl now!


S.I.D. European tour will hit Portugal and several dates will be announced soon. The first one will be in Porto, at Metalpoint Club, next November 11th. The first special guests to take part of this doomish evening will be announced tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The new release “City of Chemistry” will be out next October 14th on SFA Records, Gruesome Records and V.A.N.G.A. Record in 12” vinyl EP.




Vinyl test pressings for the upcoming S.I.D. release have arrived and this one sounds amazing!! Get ready for some heavy as fuck, groovy, dark and apocalyptic DOOM!

Release date, first track premiere and pre-orders for “City of Chemistry” 12” vinyl EP very soon. Stay tuned!


It’s officially out today the self titled debut record from Spanish Crossover Death/Crust outfit Sekta!

Check out the video below with the song “Prey for Fire” directly ripped from the original vinyl LP than head to our Bandcamp page to listen to the entire album stream!

For fans of Wolfbrigade, Disfear and Entombed! LET’S GO!!!


New release from Italian doomsters S.I.D. will drop this year. Expect a hand full of heavy pounding riffs, melancholic and dissonant sounds perfectly laid out on thin layers of Sludge.

“City of Chemistry” EP will be available in 12” vinyl via SFA Records, Gruesome Records and V.A.N.G.A. Record.

Watch out for the first track premiere and pre-orders soon! DOOM ON!!!


Deep from the bowels of Ganzo hills in Spain, where sunlight does not penetrate and the nauseating smell of sweat and beer mixes with the local industrial reek, comes a truly vicious killing machine named Sekta!

Think of Entombed, Ratos de Porão and Ministry in a pure slamming mix of Crossover Death/Crust, Punk and Thrash Metal and still you won’t realize what hit you!

After the release of Voltaje Cadáver, we joined efforts once again with the mighty Underground forces of Conspiración de Iguales, Muerte Matar Records and Hombre Montaña in another DIY release that will come out soon!

Song premiere, release date and cover art to be revealed soon! Stay tuned!


We proudly reveal the amazing cover art for the upcoming new album “Downfall of a God Complex” by Indonesian Grindcore brigade Extreme Decay.

This one is scheduled to be out on Selfmadegod Records (CD) and on Grieve Records (tape).

Vinyl version will be available through Gruesome Records, 17 Records, 9 Lies, Bucho Discos, Vinyl Solution, Hecatombe Records, Noise To Help Records, Pasidaryk Pats Records, Psychocontrol Records and Sacrilégio Records.

More news soon!