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It’s that time again! The debut album from Deathfiend is now officially out! “Beyond Life” is a vivid display of in-your-face METAL mainly influenced by the good old British sound of Death Metal and Punk, full of twists and hooks which will make you headbang and break some shit! Just go watch their new video and fully stream the album!

We’re really proud of this one, so THANKS a lot to our friends from Deathfiend for the confidence! Now, go and support them because this well experienced 3-piece band is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

And this is how we wrap up the year 2022 concerning releases but 2023 is just around the corner so expect some news soon and the very first announcement for the year to come! THANK YOU ALL for the continuous support!


We proudly announce a two-way split coming out this year, in a co-release with several underground labels.

Based in London, UK comes the Death/Crust dealers Sewer Trench.

Tomorrow we’ll announce the second band to be featured in the split. Meanwhile, stay tuned for all the details regarding this release!