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“(…) strangely, in the midst of beating listeners and shaking them like rag dolls, it somehow manages to become mesmerizing and deeply haunting.

Today you can fully stream “City of Chemistry”, the new EP from S.I.D., exclusively at No Clean Singing! Haunting, hypnotic and sludgy DOOM from Italy!


IT’S ON!!! The first official video and second track premiere off the new Inhuman Depravity album is already streaming on Slam Worldwide!

Watch “Obsessed with the Mummified” now and pre-order your copy at a lower price at our official Bandcamp store.

NEW CD ALBUM “The Experimendead” out on Gruesome Records next September 9th! Total old school Technical Brutal Death Metal assault!!!


Time to reveal the first song off the new album from Turkish Brutal Death metallers Inhuman Depravity. “Beyond Rhythm Zero” is the closing track taken from the upcoming record “The Experimendead”, due to be out next September 9th in jewel case CD.

So, if you’re into some old school Technical Brutal Death Metal in the vein of Severe Torture, Deeds Of Flesh, Disavowed or Suffocation, you should definitely check this one out!


Yesterday Invisible Oranges debuted the first track off the new S.I.D. release and wrote that «The Italian doom band blends death and sludge into a dangerous compound on their new EP “City of Chemistry.”» Read it all HERE.

“City of Chemistry will be available next October 14th in 12” vinyl EP and you can now stream the song “Mustard Gas” in the link below.


The second track off the “Hateworlds” album from mighty COLOSSO is already available for stream. “Cleansing” is taken from the forth full length release that will be out next January 15, 2021. CHECK IT OUT!

COLOSSO Pre-Orders are now OPEN

Pre-orders for the new Colosso album “Hateworlds” are now OPEN at our official Bandcamp page. Besides the CD, where you can purchase it at a lower price, there’s also an exclusive bundle (CD+ t-shirt) available. These prices are valid only until the day after the release. RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2021. You can order not only via Bandcamp but also through our CONTACT form or any official social media network.

First song “Graveyards” is already available for stream! Check it out!!

COLOSSO: Audio Premiere

Worldwide audio premiere of the first track off the brand new Colosso
album “Hateworlds” to be released on Gruesome Records on January 15, 2021.

“Graveyards” is the opening track and now you can get an idea of what’s coming! This is an EXCLUSIVE Stormbringer premiere! Click the image below to listen!