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The worldwide premiere of the first track off the new S.I.D. release “City of Chemistry” will happen tomorrow, exclusively on Invisible Oranges.

Titled “Mustard Gas” this first song will be available for listening from tomorrow on and it will introduce everyone to the melancholic, heavy, apocalyptic and dark world of S.I.D.

And this will only the beginning…


“Prison Break”, the first track off the debut self titled record by Crossover Death/Crust dealers Sekta, is already available. Check it out NOW!!!

Mixed and mastered at GodCity Studio (Vallenfyre, Disfear, Toxic Holocaust, Converge, High On Fire) and available soon in vinyl LP.

Pre-orders and release date announced in just a few days! Stay tuned!


Next Monday, track premiere of “Buried” will be available. The song is taken from the upcoming debut album “Skin ’em Alive” by Ruttenskalle.

Old school Death Metal in the vein of God Macabre, Dismember, Carnage and early Entombed.

This will be an exclusive LOUD! Magazine premiere. Be sure to hit the notification bell in the video so you don’t miss this it.


It is with most pleasure that we present to you the very first track off the debut album of Black Metallers Existence:Void. Audio premiere of “Sword of the Overman” is right here so check the video below and have a taste of the symphonic Black Metal fury of Existence:Void! This is a Gruesome Records and Nox Liberatio Records release.

Release date is July 30th and pre-orders will open NEXT WEEK. Stay tuned!