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It’s really an honor to count with the never ending support from LOOK mag! This time, the Swedish rockers Iron Pike took their turn and talked a bit about their carer, ideas, life stories and the most recent CD release, “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home”, available on Gruesome Records. Check it out!

Thanks to Sandrinha Pinto for the support and dedication!


Spanish Heavy/Doom metallers Voltaje Cadáver will soon release on vinyl their second album titled “Manantial de Sangre y Muerte”.

A co-release coming soon on Producciones Tudancas, Hombre Montaña, Muerte Matar Records, Gruesome Records, In My Heart Empire and Conspiración de Iguales.


One more Gruesome Records release is now revealed. This time, a co-release thanks to the amazing efforts of, not only Voltaje Cadáver, but to several underground labels involved. So, horns up to Producciones Tudancas, Hombre Montaña, Muerte Matar Records, In My Heart Empire and Conspiración De Iguales.

The second album from these Spanish Heavy/Doom Metallers is entitled “Manantial de Sangre y Muerte” and will be available in vinyl LP and digital. Release date is scheduled within a few months and will be announced in due time.

Meanwhile, the first track to be unveiled is “La Logia Negra de la Muerte” and it’s already available at our official Bandcamp store where you can also DOWNLOAD it for FREE! Check the band’s YouTube video for this first song too and be sure to blast your speakers with this amazing piece of art!!


Time to announce a new release! This time we’ll join forces with several underground labels to bring you the new album from Spanish Heavy/Doom metallers Voltaje Cadáver 💀

TOMORROW the audio premiere for the first track, cover art, album title and labels list will be revealed. Stay tuned, stay GRUESOME!!!


10 months ago our journey begun! What the future holds no one knows but there’s always new music and new bands in the horizon. We promise to keep delivering new and great tunes for as long as we can!

Stay safe, stay heavy, stay tuned on Gruesome Records!


Tomorrow is the official release day for the new Iron Pike CD. In a few hours, “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home” will soon be available for full stream at our Bandcamp page!

However, after guarantees from the manufacturer, stock will not arrive on time as we expect to receive it during next week. We truly apologize to everyone who made a pre-order. Unfortunately, some things we really can’t control.

We will immediately let everyone know when stock arrives at Gruesome Records headquarters. Keep an eye at our official web page and social media networks. THANKS for your comprehension!


A brand new Iron Pike video has just premiered today! A live take of “Forked Tongues” was captured and recorded live in the studio so check it out now!

Recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed and edited by Ulf Blomberg at The End Studio. Check Hoborec on YouTube and official website.

“Forked Tongues” is an EXCLUSIVE live bonus track available on the upcoming CD “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home”, coming out on Gruesome Records on February 26th.


Time to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. Thanks to each and every one of you for the support towards Gruesome Records. Friends, fans, clients, bands, promoters, media, designers and business partners, without all of you this wouldn’t be possible. And it’s just the beginning.

A very special greeting to the true reason of our existence: the bands and their music! To our friends from Basalto, Boulder, Colosso, Iron Pike and a few more that we can’t reveal right now 🙂 our deepest THANKS for your confidence, music and professionalism.

2021 will bring more killer releases and this is a written promise!

Cheers to all!


Pre-orders for Iron Pike compilation CD are NOW open! “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home” brings for the first time on CD format the band’s studio discography plus an EXCLUSIVE live bonus track.

You can get a copy of this 100 hand numbered LIMITED digipak CD at a lower price but only until the day before its release. Order via our official Bandcamp store, e-mail or private message on any of our social media networks.



It’s with great honor that we present Iron Pike and the brand new release “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home”. RELEASE date is FEBRUARY 26 and pre-orders open TOMORROW.

This compilation will include both band’s EP’s (from 2015 and 2017), the debut album “Be the Discomfort (2020) and an exclusive live track of “Forked Tongues”. Available on a 100 hand numbered LIMITED digipak CD.

Iron Pike comes from Sweden and features members of bands like The Arson Project, Atlas Losing Grip, Trophies and Dead Sleep.

Meanwhile, watch their video and listen to the track “The Great Deep”.