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It’s with enormous pleasure we announce today that one more Gruesome Records release is officially out there! Inhuman Depravity: “The Experimendead” CD is out now and you can fully stream it on our Bandcamp page. THANKS a lot to everyone who got a copy. All orders will be dispatched next week!

And since work never stops around here, next in line is Lord Of Confusion‘s debut album “Evil Mystery”, coming next September 30th.


IT’S ON!!! The first official video and second track premiere off the new Inhuman Depravity album is already streaming on Slam Worldwide!

Watch “Obsessed with the Mummified” now and pre-order your copy at a lower price at our official Bandcamp store.

NEW CD ALBUM “The Experimendead” out on Gruesome Records next September 9th! Total old school Technical Brutal Death Metal assault!!!