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Today marks the official release of “Skin ’em Alive”, the debut album by rotten old school Death Metal force Ruttenskalle! And what better day than Halloween?

Thanks to everyone for the support. All pre-orders will be shipped this coming week.

Full album stream is already available at our Bandcamp page, so if you’re a fan of Dismember, Carnage, God Macabre or early Entombed have a listen and we hope you enjoy this true gory and filthy piece of Metal of death!


It’s time to unleash the heavy musical beast that is “blackhearted”, the third full length by Portuguese Sludge Metal masters Redemptus. This one’s already starting to make a strong and positive impact in the worldwide underground scene and this is only the beginning. If you haven’t yet fully experienced “blackhearted”, you should definitely dive deep into their world of heavyness, full of emotions, blood and sweat.

The new album is already available on Spotify and Bandcamp, so go now and blast your speakers while you don’t get your hands on a physical copy.

This is a Raging Planet, Gruesome Records, Regulator Records and Ring Leader release.

Thanks to Redemptus and all labels involved for having us side by side on this one.

There are still a few copies available at Gruesome Records (CD and vinyl only), so visit our official Bandcamp page and get yours now!


It’s with great pleasure that, once again, another release sees the light of day. Existence:Void debut album “Anatman” is now officially out in a co-release with Nox Liberatio Records! This conceptual musical piece will certainly represent another milestone for Gruesome Records and we’re sure it will appeal to many Avant-Garde Black Metal fans out there. High technical skills and melodic passages, perfectly entwined with pure symphonic chaotic brutality is what you can expect from “Anatman”. So, check the player below to have a listen. You won’t regret it!

And to celebrate this release day, check out below the official video for the song “Old Saint”, premiered today!