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Sota Terra and Tempestat 12” vinyl split is already in stock and ready to ship! If you’re in the mood for some furious Grind/Crust/Death/Punk you should check this release out!

This was a 100% DIY job between several Underground labels which we’re very proud of being on board.

Visit our Bandcamp page to order your copy and listen to this sonic assault!!


It’s time to unveil the first song off the upcoming God Disease album “Apocalyptic Doom”. “Ashes” is the opening track and you can now check out the brand new official video!

RELEASE DATE is set to March 10th on Gruesome Records and will be available in 6-panel digipak CD. The album was mixed by Olli Nokkala and mastered by Henri Sorvali (Finntroll, Moonsorrow and Sargeist). Cover art was made by Nuno Zuki (Belial NecroArts).

We welcome you to the agonizing, cold, heavy and haunting world of GOD DISEASE!



Nothing better to kick off the new year then by welcoming mighty Finnish Doom masters God Disease on Gruesome Records!

The majestic, haunting and agonizing tunes of “Apocalyptic Doom” will be summoned in 2023. The second album will come in digipak CD and we’ll keep you updated regarding the release date, first video premiere and cover art. All to be revealed very soon!


It’s that time again! The debut album from Deathfiend is now officially out! “Beyond Life” is a vivid display of in-your-face METAL mainly influenced by the good old British sound of Death Metal and Punk, full of twists and hooks which will make you headbang and break some shit! Just go watch their new video and fully stream the album!

We’re really proud of this one, so THANKS a lot to our friends from Deathfiend for the confidence! Now, go and support them because this well experienced 3-piece band is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

And this is how we wrap up the year 2022 concerning releases but 2023 is just around the corner so expect some news soon and the very first announcement for the year to come! THANK YOU ALL for the continuous support!


Since the very beginning, back when we started this label and after a total of 24 releases officially out there, it has been a tremendous journey, making a whole bunch of new friends, working with so many talented artists and, specially, putting out unquestionable high quality Metal music for everyone to enjoy. And that’s because we LOVE music as much as anyone die-hard fan! We may not be big, but we are definitely passionate!

Hunted Scriptum is definitely not an exception, so we proudly present to you “Paracusia”, the debut album from these old school Death Metal maniacs. If this one won’t make you headbang viciously, that’s because you’re probably dead!

A major THANK YOU to everyone who bought a copy and supported both band and labels, to our partners and friends from Nox Liberatio Records and to Hunted Scriptum for the confidence in our work. YOU ALL RULE!

Coming up next and our very last 2022 release is a very special one too: Deathfiend‘s debut album “Beyond Life”. Head over to our Bandcamp page, save a copy now at a lower price and listen to this totally crushing British Death/Punk/Crust attack!!