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Starting today, you can purchase any of these releases with a 50% discount! This overstock promotion will be running until October 18th. Visit our Bandcamp page!

Thanks in advance for the support!!

Boulder: “Boulder” CD EP €3.50
Colosso: “Hateworlds” CD €4
Iron Pike: “Hell Will Always…” CD €4
Exfiltraitor: “You’re a Mutant!” CD €3.50
Law Of Contagion: “Woeful Litanies…” Tape (white or black) €4.50
Desalmado: “Mass Mental Devolution” CD €5
Desalmado: “Mass Mental…” Tape (black, white, red or yellow) €4.50
Ruttenskalle: “Skin ’em Alive” CD €4
Huronian: “As Cold as…” Tape (dark pink or dark blue) €4.50
Hideous Divinity: “Sinful Star Necrolatry” Tape (black or white) €4


It’s with the most pleasure and honor that today we announce the official worldwide release of “Mass Mental Devolution”, the third album from Brazilian underground Metal force Desalmado!

Gruesome Records handled the European version of the CD and tape formats and stock is now ready to ship. Thanks a lot to every single person across the globe that pre-ordered this amazing new Desalmado album. FULL audio stream is now available on all digital platforms. Visit our Bandcamp page if you’d like to get a copy of any of the European versions.

Last but not least, a major and sincere THANK YOU to Desalmado and Xaninho Discos for letting us join this amazing and hard working ride! Foi ANIMAL!!! Obrigado!


The new Desalmado record “Mass Mental Devolution” drops tomorrow! As a last minute offer, those who pre-ordered any of Gruesome Records versions (CD or tape) will also get one of these pro printed 20x15cm band photos! This means that there’s one day left for pre-orders to end, so if you want to grab one of these and still take advantage of the lower sell price, now’s your chance!

Visit our official Bandcamp page now!

“Mass Mental Devolution” will be available through Xaninho Discos and Sana Maior Records (Brazil and Latin America), Gruesome Records (Europe) and Blood Blast (digital on all main platforms).

Full audio stream will be available TOMORROW on all digital platforms via Blood Blast. An aggressive, heavy and intense discharge of Metal is coming your way!


“Across the land” is the brand new video/track premiere by cult Brazilian Death Grinders Desalmado.

Check out the new song taken from “Mass Mental Devolution”, the new album, scheduled to be released on October 8, 2021 on Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records (Brazil and Latin America), Gruesome Records (Europe) and Blood Blast Distribution (worldwide digital distribution).

Check it now, spread the word and SUPPORT Underground!