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Just to let everyone know that we recently got a few and very limited stock of Vøidwomb‘s amazing debut EP on CD and vinyl (black edition) formats to anyone looking for a copy. Send us a message if you’re interested but HURRY UP!

CD = €10 + shipping
VINYL = €15 + shipping

Also, still in stock (but almost running out) is the cassette version, released on Gruesome Records (black version only).

“Altars of Cosmic Devotion” has been receiving mind blowing reviews all over the world since day one, so keep an eye on these guys, follow the band and support (real) underground Metal!


We are honored to let everyone know that the brand new Redemptus album will be out not only via Gruesome Records but on Raging Planet, Regulator Records and Ring Leader as well.

“Blackhearted”, the band’s third full length, will be available on compact disc, double vinyl and cassette, thanks to the efforts not only of the previous mentioned labels but to Redemptus themselves.

As usual, track premiere, cover art and all remaining details to be announced soon. Stay HEAVY, stay GRUESOME!


Almost time for Exfiltraitor to invade Europe! The debut CD EP from these US Thrash Deathsters will be out next April 9th on Gruesome Records. Stock has arrived at our headquarters and pre-orders are still open until the day before the release.

Visit our official Bandcamp store and get an exclusive digital bonus track plus two free metal buttons with each pre-order!


Pre-orders for Iron Pike compilation CD are NOW open! “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home” brings for the first time on CD format the band’s studio discography plus an EXCLUSIVE live bonus track.

You can get a copy of this 100 hand numbered LIMITED digipak CD at a lower price but only until the day before its release. Order via our official Bandcamp store, e-mail or private message on any of our social media networks.


BASALTO CD’s in stock!

Basalto hand numbered limited digipak CD’s have arrived and will be ready to ship on October 16 to those who pre-ordered a copy. There are very few CD + t-shirt bundles still available so write us or visit our official Bandcamp store if you don’t want to miss that chance!

THANKS to each and everyone of you for supporting and believing in Gruesome Records. This is only the beginning!