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One year ago, on this day, the cassette version of “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms” by Black Metal project Law of Contagion was released. Two versions are available, one in black layout and the other one in white.

For the next 2 days you can purchase a copy of any of these versions for only €7 (+ shipping costs) instead of €9. Head over to our Bandcamp page or simply get in touch with us any way you like.


The reissue of Hideous Divinity 2007 demo in cassette format is now officially out on Gruesome Records!

“Sinful Star Necrolatry” is a relentless and technical Death Metal display. If you’re a Hate Eternal, Nile or Immolation fan, you don’t want to miss this one out!

Visit our Bandcamp store or message us if you’d like to grab a copy!


5 days left for the release of “Sinful Star Necrolatry”, Hideous Divinity debut demo, originally recorded in 2007. This release will be available for the very first time in cassette format.

This is a brilliant display of technical and violent Death Metal in the vein of Hate Eternal, Nile and Immolation. Listen in the player below.

Pre-order at a lower price but only until the day before its release. Visit our Bandcamp or message us with your order.


We are proud to announce the audio tape release of Hideous Divinity first 2007 demo “Sinful Star Necrolatry”.

This is a brilliant display of relentless technical Death Metal, highly influenced by Hate Eternal, Nile and Immolation. Following this demo release, the band signed with Unique Leader and most recently with Century Media.

The demo features two songs and you can have a listen in the link below. Black and white cassette versions will be available. Pre-orders will open soon, so stay tuned!


Just a quick reminder to let everyone know that the Huronian audio tape pre-orders are running at full speed. “As Cold as a Stranger Sunset” will be available on two different cassette colors: dark pink and dark blue. Visit our Bandcamp page.

Mind breaking and technical blackened Death Metal from Italy is what you will get. Order now at a lower price!


One more Gruesome Records release is now out there! TODAY is time to unleash the Black Metal beast “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms” by Law Of Contagion on one of the greatest music formats available: the classic cult audio cassette.

Thanks to everyone that bought the pre-order from Gruesome Records and, specially, to Moribund Records and Law Of Contagion for having us on board.

Both LIMITED black or white versions are still in stock so you still can get your hands on a copy! REMEMBER this is strictly limited to 100 hand numbered copies (50 each one) and there will be NO REPRESS! Visit our Bandcamp page to get yours and feel free to stream the full album (player below).


We have joined forces with Rastilho Records and we now have in stock some of the Portuguese label’s releases on cassette format. Anyone interested in getting a copy, just let us know. €9.99 (+ shipping) each.

-Revolution Within: “Chaos”
-Ironsword: “Servants of Steel”
-Pitch Black: “Thrash Killing Machine” (gold/blue)
-Bizarra Locomotiva: “Álbum Negro”
-Bizarra Locomotiva: “Mortuário”
-Daemonarch: “Hermeticum”
-Moonspell: “Night Eternal”
-Moonspell: “Irreligious” (available September 15)
-Moonspell: “Memorial”
-Censurados: “Censurados”
-Censurados: “Confusão”
-Inhuman: “Contra”


As promised, here’s a new upcoming release… The mind-bending, chaotic and technical brutality of Italian outfit Huronian will arrive in the form of their debut album “As Cold as a Stranger Sunset”. The band features members of Hateful and Valgrind.

The crushing debut album will be originally released on Dolorem Records and will have its cassette version available on Gruesome Records.

More news coming up soon.

Thanks a lot to Huronian and Dolorem Records for the privilege in having us ride side by side on this one!


It’s with great pleasure that we officially kick off, as promised, the pre-orders for “blackhearted”, the brand new colossal album by Redemptus on all its available formats (CD, 2xLP and cassette). This one is definitely a landmark for Gruesome Records, both at a personal and professional level!

A co-release with raging planet, Regulator Records and Ring Leader.

Visit our Bandcamp page or write us to get your copy. Free shipping on all pre-orders within Portugal!