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Debut CD from Brazilian thrashers Vomit Bag Squad is officially out TODAY! The European version of “Tales from the Bag” is now available and ready to ship!

Full album stream is available at our Bandcamp store (check the player below) so if you’re into Thrash Metal in the vein of Havok, Municipal Waste, Kreator or Evile you don’t want to miss this one out!

Thanks a lot to everyone who pre-ordered the CD and specially to Vomit Bag Squad for the confidence and friendship! Follow the band and support real Underground Metal!


2021 is almost over and 2022 lurks around the corner. And next year’s first Gruesome Records release is coming your way in a little more than a month. The Horror filled and furious old school Thrash Metal of Brazilian metalheads Vomit Bag Squad promises to wipe everything on its way.

“Tales from the Bag” will invade Europe next month and pre-orders are still running at a lower price. Not only that, and until the end of the month, there’s an exclusive Bandcamp campaign with and extra 20% discount. Simply use the code DECEMBERPROMO during checkout.


2022 is shaping up and this is only the beginning. We are very proud to announce the European invasion of Brazilian Horror inspired old school Thrash Metal vibes by the hands of Vomit Bag Squad.

Released in October in Brazil by Marquee Records, “Tales from the Bag” will have its European CD version in 2022 by Gruesome Records and will include an exclusive bonus track.

Vomit Bag Squad imaginary is fully inspired by Horror cinema and each song tells the tale of a specific movie. In terms of music, the band performs a fast and aggressive Thrash Metal, mixed with some Crossover influences and this is something that will surely please to fans of Gama Bomb, Lich King, Havok and Municipal Waste.

Release date and pre-orders soon! Stay tuned!


The new Desalmado record “Mass Mental Devolution” drops tomorrow! As a last minute offer, those who pre-ordered any of Gruesome Records versions (CD or tape) will also get one of these pro printed 20x15cm band photos! This means that there’s one day left for pre-orders to end, so if you want to grab one of these and still take advantage of the lower sell price, now’s your chance!

Visit our official Bandcamp page now!

“Mass Mental Devolution” will be available through Xaninho Discos and Sana Maior Records (Brazil and Latin America), Gruesome Records (Europe) and Blood Blast (digital on all main platforms).

Full audio stream will be available TOMORROW on all digital platforms via Blood Blast. An aggressive, heavy and intense discharge of Metal is coming your way!


It’s time to kick off with the pre-orders for the upcoming Desalmado album. “Mass Mental Devolution” is the third studio album from these Brazilian Death Grinders and European version will be available through Gruesome Records in two different formats: CD and audio cassette.

The CD version will be available in jewel case, including a slipcase, a twelve page booklet and three bonus tracks: the two song EP “Rebelião” originally released in digital format in 2020 and a live recording of the song “Your God Your Dictator”. The cassette version will come in four different tape colors (black, white, red and yellow).

Visit our Bandcamp page to order your copy now at a lower price. These prices only last until October 7, 2021, the day right before the worldwide release date.

A reminder that Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records will handle the Brazilian and Latin American version and Blood Blast the worldwide digital distribution.



All things set for the kick off of the pre-orders for the new Desalmado full length! “Mass Mental Devolution” will have its worldwide release next October, 8!

European release will be available through Gruesome Records on both CD and cassette and pre-orders for both versions will be UP ON SUNDAY, August 29th exclusively on our official Bandcamp page.

Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records will handle the Brazilian and Latin American version) and Blood Blast Distribution the worldwide digital distribution.

Stay tuned for all info regarding this pre-order, next Sunday!