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The new Redemptus album titled “blackhearted” will be out during this year and here is the cover art! Raging Planet, Gruesome Records, Regulator Records and Ring Leader, side by side with Redemptus themselves, will be handling this release which will be available on CD, double vinyl and cassette.

Pre-orders coming soon so stay tuned and stay GRUESOME!


Scheduled to be released this year is the amazing brand new album “Blackhearted” by Redemptus. It will be a co-release side by side with our friends from Raging Planet, Regulator Records and Ring Leader, available on CD, 2xLP and audio cassette.

Listen to this album teaser if you’d like to have an idea of what’s coming your way!


We are honored to let everyone know that the brand new Redemptus album will be out not only via Gruesome Records but on Raging Planet, Regulator Records and Ring Leader as well.

“Blackhearted”, the band’s third full length, will be available on compact disc, double vinyl and cassette, thanks to the efforts not only of the previous mentioned labels but to Redemptus themselves.

As usual, track premiere, cover art and all remaining details to be announced soon. Stay HEAVY, stay GRUESOME!