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We are honored to announce a new Gruesome Records release. “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms”, the amazing debut album by Black Metal project Law of Contagion, was originally out in 2020 on Moribund Records and will now be available on audio tape format.

A limited hand numbered reissue will be pressed in two different versions. 50 copies each, including a brand new and alternate artwork. Release date, cover art and pre-orders to be announced soon!

Meanwhile, listen (below) to this piece of true Black Metal and support underground!


Just to let everyone know that we recently got a few and very limited stock of Vøidwomb‘s amazing debut EP on CD and vinyl (black edition) formats to anyone looking for a copy. Send us a message if you’re interested but HURRY UP!

CD = €10 + shipping
VINYL = €15 + shipping

Also, still in stock (but almost running out) is the cassette version, released on Gruesome Records (black version only).

“Altars of Cosmic Devotion” has been receiving mind blowing reviews all over the world since day one, so keep an eye on these guys, follow the band and support (real) underground Metal!


Pre-orders for the Existence:Void album kicked off yesterday and in just a few hours both labels ran out of posters. So that offer is expired now but you still can grab a copy at a lower price, however, only until the day before the release date. Visit our official Bandcamp store!

THANKS to everyone for your support!!


It is with most pleasure that we present to you the very first track off the debut album of Black Metallers Existence:Void. Audio premiere of “Sword of the Overman” is right here so check the video below and have a taste of the symphonic Black Metal fury of Existence:Void! This is a Gruesome Records and Nox Liberatio Records release.

Release date is July 30th and pre-orders will open NEXT WEEK. Stay tuned!


Well, it has been almost 1 year since we kicked off Gruesome Records and next June 1st will be our first anniversary. 🥳

So, in order to celebrate, besides a whole week of direct discounts on the label’s catalogue and a few giveaways, we will announce our VERY FIRST 2022 RELEASE!

With this said, next TUESDAY, on the day we complete 1 year, a few surprises will be revealed!

Stay tuned and stay GRUESOME!

label artwork & logo by Pedro Soares of Horrendus Designs


It’s with great pleasure that we announce a new Gruesome Records release, this time joining forces with Nox Liberatio Records.

Existence:Void will release their amazing debut album during this year. “Anatman” will be available in digipak CD and will surely please fans of Dimmu Borgir, Deathspell Omega or Anorexia Nervosa. The band features members from other Portuguese bands like Destroyers Of All, Terror Empire and Grimlet. Expect more info on this one during the upcoming weeks like track premiere, cover art and full track list. Stay tuned!


“The labyrinth walls, one after the other, crumbled under the force of the worlds that we etched upon them.”

NEW release announcement in less than 48 hours!


10 months ago our journey begun! What the future holds no one knows but there’s always new music and new bands in the horizon. We promise to keep delivering new and great tunes for as long as we can!

Stay safe, stay heavy, stay tuned on Gruesome Records!