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It’s time to unleash the heavy musical beast that is “blackhearted”, the third full length by Portuguese Sludge Metal masters Redemptus. This one’s already starting to make a strong and positive impact in the worldwide underground scene and this is only the beginning. If you haven’t yet fully experienced “blackhearted”, you should definitely dive deep into their world of heavyness, full of emotions, blood and sweat.

The new album is already available on Spotify and Bandcamp, so go now and blast your speakers while you don’t get your hands on a physical copy.

This is a Raging Planet, Gruesome Records, Regulator Records and Ring Leader release.

Thanks to Redemptus and all labels involved for having us side by side on this one.

There are still a few copies available at Gruesome Records (CD and vinyl only), so visit our official Bandcamp page and get yours now!


7 days left for the release of the vinyl LP of “Manantial de Sangre y Muerte” by the amazing Spanish Heavy/Doom/Sludge headbangers, Voltaje Cadáver. This is a co-release with other underground independent labels and our stock is already at Gruesome Records headquarters.
Also, very few copies left already so if you want to grab one, simply visit our official Bandcamp page!



It’s with great pleasure that we officially kick off, as promised, the pre-orders for “blackhearted”, the brand new colossal album by Redemptus on all its available formats (CD, 2xLP and cassette). This one is definitely a landmark for Gruesome Records, both at a personal and professional level!

A co-release with raging planet, Regulator Records and Ring Leader.

Visit our Bandcamp page or write us to get your copy. Free shipping on all pre-orders within Portugal!


This is it… Happy Birthday to Gruesome Records! One year has passed since this journey kicked off and because work never stops, this is how we celebrate. As promised, the first 2022 release announcement and a whole WEEK of discounts and giveaways.

We’ll release the CD reissue of the long sold out 2005 debut album “Thrash Killing Machine” by Portuguese thrashers Pitch Black, in a very special 17th anniversary LIMITED first press edition. 200 hand numbered digipak copies will be available and this one will come with 2 bonus tracks and a fold out poster. RELEASE DATE: March 18th, 2022.

Also, we’ll have a new t-shirt available, restock from the original one and tote bags will be back in stock too (delivery starts on June 30). There’s a whole week of 15% discount on EVERY item too, plus a free Colosso CD and a Gruesome Records metal badge on EVERY placed order. You can use the discount code (find it on the flyer) at our official Bandcamp store or simply message/e-mail us with your order.

And that’s it! An enormous THANK YOU to every band that has been working with us all this time and to every one of our friends and customers for the never ending support. NOTHING we do would ever be possible without Music, without the talent of these amazing bands and without YOU!



One more Gruesome Records release is now revealed. This time, a co-release thanks to the amazing efforts of, not only Voltaje Cadáver, but to several underground labels involved. So, horns up to Producciones Tudancas, Hombre Montaña, Muerte Matar Records, In My Heart Empire and Conspiración De Iguales.

The second album from these Spanish Heavy/Doom Metallers is entitled “Manantial de Sangre y Muerte” and will be available in vinyl LP and digital. Release date is scheduled within a few months and will be announced in due time.

Meanwhile, the first track to be unveiled is “La Logia Negra de la Muerte” and it’s already available at our official Bandcamp store where you can also DOWNLOAD it for FREE! Check the band’s YouTube video for this first song too and be sure to blast your speakers with this amazing piece of art!!


Tomorrow is Bandcamp Friday again! And as usual, no fees are charged to bands and labels. So, during April 2nd everyone will get a 15% DISCOUNT off any Gruesome Records release! You only have to use the code shown in the image after you proceed to checkout. And that’s it! Click the image to go directly to our official store!



Pre-orders for Vøidwomb are now running at a lower price but only until the day before its release date. Audio cassette version of “Altars of Cosmic Devotion” will be available in two colors (black and blue) with alternate cover art.

Listen to the entire EP on our official Bandcamp page and pre-order NOW!

COLOSSO Pre-Orders are now OPEN

Pre-orders for the new Colosso album “Hateworlds” are now OPEN at our official Bandcamp page. Besides the CD, where you can purchase it at a lower price, there’s also an exclusive bundle (CD+ t-shirt) available. These prices are valid only until the day after the release. RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2021. You can order not only via Bandcamp but also through our CONTACT form or any official social media network.

First song “Graveyards” is already available for stream! Check it out!!