The brand new Lord Of Confusion release, the debut album “Evil Mystery” will be out soon (date TBA) and here is the cover art! The band delivers some solid Psychedelic Rock infused Doom Metal for fans of Pentagram, Saint Vitus, Sleep, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard.

Gruesome Records will handle the CD release in Europe and Morbid And Miserable Records the CD and tape versions in the US.

Also, worldwide premiere for the first official video will be up soon, as well as pre-orders.


Behold the cover art for Inhuman Depravity‘s brand new album, created by the extremely talented artist Kirill Semenov. “The Experimendead” will be available this year in jewel case CD. Official video premiere, release date and pre-orders soon!

Get ready for some high class old school Technical Brutal Death Metal for fans of Disavowed, Severe Torture, Deeds Of Flesh, Sepsism and Suffocation!


We proudly reveal the amazing cover art for the upcoming new album “Downfall of a God Complex” by Indonesian Grindcore brigade Extreme Decay.

This one is scheduled to be out on Selfmadegod Records (CD) and on Grieve Records (tape).

Vinyl version will be available through Gruesome Records, 17 Records, 9 Lies, Bucho Discos, Vinyl Solution, Hecatombe Records, Noise To Help Records, Pasidaryk Pats Records, Psychocontrol Records and Sacrilégio Records.

More news soon!


It’s with great pleasure that we reveal the sick and gory cover art for the debut album by Portuguese old school Death Metal outfit Ruttenskalle.

This cover artwork and additional drawings (which can be found on the CD layout) were created by Daniel Cabrera (Dan’s Putrid Art).

“Skin ’em Alive” is a relentless, straight forward Death Metal assault and a total Swedish sound worshiping for fans of Carnage, God Macabre, Dismember and early Entombed.

Pre-orders, track premiere and release date to be announced soon.


It’s with great pleasure that we unveil the cover art for the audio tape release of Law Of Contagion‘s debut album! Two versions (black/white), each limited to 50 hand numbered copies, will be available.

“Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms” was originally released on CD via Moribund Records and will now have its cassette release. PRE-ORDERS will kick off next SUNDAY at a lower price so stay tuned if you don’t want to miss this one!

Many thanks to Moribund Records and Law Of Contagion for this one. Underground lives forever!


The new Redemptus album titled “blackhearted” will be out during this year and here is the cover art! Raging Planet, Gruesome Records, Regulator Records and Ring Leader, side by side with Redemptus themselves, will be handling this release which will be available on CD, double vinyl and cassette.

Pre-orders coming soon so stay tuned and stay GRUESOME!

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