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Almost time for Exfiltraitor to invade Europe! The debut CD EP from these US Thrash Deathsters will be out next April 9th on Gruesome Records. Stock has arrived at our headquarters and pre-orders are still open until the day before the release.

Visit our official Bandcamp store and get an exclusive digital bonus track plus two free metal buttons with each pre-order!


Pre-orders for Vøidwomb are now running at a lower price but only until the day before its release date. Audio cassette version of “Altars of Cosmic Devotion” will be available in two colors (black and blue) with alternate cover art.

Listen to the entire EP on our official Bandcamp page and pre-order NOW!


It’s with great pleasure that we announce another GR release. After the CD and vinyl versions of “Altars of Cosmic Devotion” released on Iron Bonehead Productions, Vøidwomb‘s worldwide acclaimed debut EP will be also available on tape.

Certainly, one of the most promising underground Metal acts to arise from Portugal in recent years. The obscure blackened Death Metal incursions of Vøidwomb will definitely leave a musical footprint in the Metal scene. And we are proud to be a part of that landmark.

More details, release date and pre-orders will be announced soon. Meanwhile, support the band and listen to the entire EP on their official Bandcamp page.


OK people, here it is… The ruthless US Thrash/Death assault of Exfiltraitor will soon invade Europe too! Pre-orders for the 4 track CD EP “You’re a Mutant!” are now up!

-First 25 paid pre-orders will get two exclusive Metal badges for FREE;

-CD Pre-orders on Bandcamp will get the exclusive track “The Howling” (originally by Witchery) only available on the digital version;

-If you’re into supporting real music and the underground, pre-order TODAY on Bandcamp, as NO FEES will be charged to artists and labels.



Tomorrow is the official release day for the new Iron Pike CD. In a few hours, “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home” will soon be available for full stream at our Bandcamp page!

However, after guarantees from the manufacturer, stock will not arrive on time as we expect to receive it during next week. We truly apologize to everyone who made a pre-order. Unfortunately, some things we really can’t control.

We will immediately let everyone know when stock arrives at Gruesome Records headquarters. Keep an eye at our official web page and social media networks. THANKS for your comprehension!


A brand new Iron Pike video has just premiered today! A live take of “Forked Tongues” was captured and recorded live in the studio so check it out now!

Recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed and edited by Ulf Blomberg at The End Studio. Check Hoborec on YouTube and official website.

“Forked Tongues” is an EXCLUSIVE live bonus track available on the upcoming CD “Hell Will Always Find Its Way Home”, coming out on Gruesome Records on February 26th.


Time to unveil all the details concerning the release of the brand new Helslave full length!

WORLDWIDE TRACK PREMIERE: “Unholy Graves” is now available for streaming at No Clean Singing.

Cover art by the one and only Juanjo Castellano. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö.

“From the Sulphur Depths” will be out on CD on April 23rd and on vinyl on My 14th via Pulverised Records. Tapes will be out on May 14th via Gruesome Records (EU) and Desert Wastelands Productions (US).

Pre-orders for the European tape release will be up soon! Meanwhile, blast your speakers with the sheer brutality of “Unholy Graves” 💀