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NAME: Huronian
GENRE: Blackened Death Metal
RELEASE: “As Cold as a Stranger Sunset”
FORMAT: tape
CAT #: GRMC018
RELEASE DATE: November 26, 2021
FFO: (early) At The Gates, Dissection, Sacramentum

The Blackened Death Metal of Huronian is much more than what the definition of the sub-genre brings to mind. It’s an out of this world musical experience when it comes to blending the pure essence of the early raw Swedish Death/Thrash Metal with hints of melodies from Scandinavian Black Metal and the sheer drumming brutality and violence of Death Metal. If it helps you to imagine, think of a mix between the speed and technical violence of early At The Gates, the melodic passages of Dissection or Sacramentum and the brutality of early Kataklysm.

“As Cold as a Stranger Sunset”, the band’s debut album, is a close portrait of all this and much more, experienced in its essence only after a proper listening. Harsh and aggressive vocals, demonic yet melancholic guitar riffs, insane, brutal and technical drumming and slashing tempo changes.

Huronian comes from Italy and features members of Hateful and Valgrind.

“As Cold as a Stranger Sunset” is their debut album, originally released on CD through Dolorem Records and if you’ve been looking for pure Metal mind raping insanity, you found your band right here. This is Huronian!

Daniele Lupidi (vocals)
Umberto Poncina (guitars, bass, synths)
Marcello Malagoli (drums)


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