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NAME: Desalmado
GENRE: Death/Grind
RELEASE: “Mass Mental Devolution”
FORMAT: CD, tape
CAT #: GRCD015 (CD), GRMC016 (tape)
RELEASE DATE: October 8, 2021
INFO: Jewel case CD with slipcase with 3 bonus tracks
FFO: Napalm Death, Ratos De Porão

Coming from São Paulo, Brazil and formed in 2004, Desalmado is a non stoppable force which successfully combines the heaviness of Death Metal, the violence of Grindcore, and mix it with hints of Thrash Metal and Hardcore as well. Having played live shows all over Brazil, as well as several tours in Europe, the band has already a significant discography including three EP’s, one split and two albums: “Desalmado” from 2012 and “Save Us from Ourselves” released in 2014. Ex-Sepultura Max Cavalera even introduced the band to the international Metal scene by stating that it’s one of the Brazilian bands he most enjoys.

“Mass Mental Devolution” is the third full length and has its worldwide release on Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records (Brazil and Latin America), Gruesome Records (Europe) and Blood Blast Distribution (worldwide digital distribution).

During the promotion of their new album, two singles were premiered: “Your God Your Dictator” and “Hollow”. This new studio recording is a vicious Death/Grind attack with a magnificent sound production, a strong message on social and political issues and something that will blow the minds out of every extreme Metal fan out there.

The time has come and Desalmado carries in “Mass Mental Devolution” their strongest weapon to take the Metal world by storm.


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