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NAME: Colosso
COUNTRY: Portugal
GENRE: Death Metal
RELEASE: “Hateworlds”
FORMAT: CD digipak
CAT #: GRCD003
RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2021

Hailing from Porto, Portugal comes the innovative Death Metal project Colosso from the mind of Max Tomé, long time writer and musician in the Underground Metal scene. With several releases, which include 3 albums plus an instrumental one, 3 EP’s and a demo, Colosso goes way beyond the classic Death Metal style, taking the genre onto other levels of extremity. Either on a more technical or modern approach, Colosso defines itself as innovative as it gets and offers a back catalogue of releases worth checking out. Their latest full length “Hateworlds”, to be released on Gruesome Records, takes Colosso to a new different level and features Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Aborted, Powermad, Devin Townsend) on drums. Melodic, heavy, groovy and Industrial are only a few additions to the main Death Metal sound they have been shaping since the beginning. The new album also features guests Marco Silva (from thrashers Pitch Black) and Miguel “Inglês” (from Equaleft and Axia).


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