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It’s time to let the beast come out. Full audio stream of “Skin ’em Alive”, the debut album by Death Metal desecrators Ruttenskalle, is now available. Official release date is only two days ahead, right on Halloween 2021.

“Skin ’em Alive” is a pure straight forward and ultra gory old school rotten Death Metal played in the Swedish style which will probably appeal to fans of Carnage, Dismember, God Macabre and Grave.

Now, truth be told that you will not find here the next upcoming big thing in Metal. That is not a negative statement, because being a fan of the true traditional style of this genre doesn’t necessarily mean that a band has to come up with 3757 different riffs, 2356 tempo changes, 912 guitar arpeggios or furious blast beats at 320 BPM. Most of the times, when you’re into old school Death Metal means that you’re looking for heavyness, either slower, mid paced or faster rhythms, powerful hooks, lots of headbanging moments and true growling vocals from hell. Fortunately, this is what you’ll get with Ruttenskalle‘s “Skin ’em Alive”.

So, let’s cut with the cliche adjectives and move on to the music. Turn your volume up and blast your speakers with true and in-your-face Metal of Death, done the old way!


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