Pre-orders for “Skin ’em Alive”, the debut album by old school Death Metal desecrators Ruttenskalle, are officially opened and you can now order it through the label’s Bandcamp page. If you want to get a copy at a lower price, now is the time! This special price is valid only until the day before the release.

Also, official release date is set for Halloween 2021. “Skin ’em Alive” will be available in jewel case CD format, with a fold out booklet.

For those who still haven’t listened to the first premiered track “Buried”, can check the official lyric video on the YouTube player below.

01. Feast of the Dying Sluts
02. Carnage in the Fog
03. Rotten God
04. Dead Man
05. Buried
06. Time to Kill
07. Fucked with My Knife
08. Anal Ride
09. Cadaver Meal
10. Brainless Whore

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