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It’s time to kick off with the pre-orders for the upcoming Desalmado album. “Mass Mental Devolution” is the third studio album from these Brazilian Death Grinders and European version will be available through Gruesome Records in two different formats: CD and audio cassette.

The CD version will be available in jewel case, including a slipcase, a twelve page booklet and three bonus tracks: the two song EP “Rebelião” originally released in digital format in 2020 and a live recording of the song “Your God Your Dictator”. The cassette version will come in four different tape colors (black, white, red and yellow).

Visit our Bandcamp page to order your copy now at a lower price. These prices only last until October 7, 2021, the day right before the worldwide release date.

A reminder that Xaninho Discos, Sana Maior Records and Shinigami Records will handle the Brazilian and Latin American version and Blood Blast the worldwide digital distribution.


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